I titled my page "Paladin" for a specific reason.  Certainly I loved watching a lot of TV Westerns growing up with Have Gun Will Travel starring Richard Boone as Paladin the hired gun among them.  Click HERE to learn more.

Why LIE When The Truth Is Better?

Welcome to my "Personal" website.  I'll wager there's a LOT about me you probably don't know and I only ask that if you have a query... Ask ME. Too often people ask other people who don't really know and they make stuff up. Not known for mincing words, I doubt you'll meet a straighter person regardless of the subject.

It Happened 2 Me
Call Me Mister Rohn

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I created my own personal website to help accentuate my opinions of different subjects as well as to give an in-depth perspective of many unknown things regarding character and logical reasoning.  What I am trying to say is that after reading my website if you do not understand what makes me tick, it will be as clear as Windex does glass that you just don't want to.  And from the way I look at things, either way is OK with me and at least you will have been given an opportunity to see that everyone is not the same... You know the old adage' that all men are this or all cops are that or what have you... I am different so do not lump me with anyone.  I love driving and riding in an array of fine vehicles, preferring them to be nothing short of as awesome as I strive personally.   Click my above photo and peruse some of the things that happened to me, if you please.




I like to read newspapers from ALL OVER THE WORLD, a habit defined in me because both my parents were educators.  You can read then too thanks to the Internet for FREE just by clicking that revolving world above and if you just want to read the Austin paper for free it is on the left.

To some I may appear wild & crazy while to others merely complicated.  I surmise they are looking at the outside and don't really know me.  Many people think they do (know me) but really have no clue what I am about or what I have QUIETLY done to help strangers and friends enjoy quality of this life.  Much like my recently departed dad helping someone's heart to smile is something I take pleasure in doing.