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Obama's WINNING but she feels "Entitlement" to be on top of the ticket?  I say, "Contrary to the way you probably think, Obama's not like Bill, Hillary and will not let you run over him and your way."  Ain't happening.

I am solidly for OBAMA but I used to like Clinton too... in a limited sort of way. 
Early last year I met Hillary in person and my wife and I took a photo with her at Roy Spence's MANSION on the banks of Lake Austin at a $2,000 a plate fundraiser.  We were there as a stand-in for a contributor friend of my wife's who apparently loves the Clintons BIG TIME. $2,000 a plate says it all.  The food was great but not anywhere near worth $200 let alone ten times that amount...  I could've gone to Lake Charles with THAT money...
First let me state that it was a very enlightening experience watching all the butt-kissing that was going on up in there.  Oh My Gawd...
The estate that Roy Spence calls his home was absolutely beautiful, nestled close to the Low Water Bridge VERY close to Enfield at the beginning of the backside of Old Westlake.  Stunning and Beverly Hillbilly-esq style grounds that most of the people I know could only HOPE to someday be able to... pick up people from or deliver them to.  I doubt many Black or Mexicans live up there and if so, those people up there would surely move if too many of us did.  They want to help poor people?  Sure they do.  To live somewhere else besides next door to them.  You know I ain't lying.
Here's the thing... Hillary gave her speech after Roy Spence introduced her around the pool area.  I counted US because I needed to know WHO ALL Black had THAT kind of money to blow for Hillary but probably NEVER leaves the cabbie a tip. There were FIVE Black people in attendance (not counting the British-sounding Brother Secret Service Agent in the driveway).  Of the 5, there was us, my friend Meredith Beal (Meredith owns a couple of Country & Western radio stations in the backwoods of East Texas) and a couple of bougouis Blacks who acted like they needed to know who I was before they would shake my hand with a welcome "Hello" I extended.  I did not know, eventually met and still don't know who they were because I don't cotton to fake people. 
Hillary spent at least 2/3 of her time talking about helping the poor get Health Care and I swear, I couldn't stand listening to it because it was one of those Time and Place things.  I mean, "Do you think it's appropriate to talk about spending zillions of government money on poor people while you and your friends speak from pulpits on estates overlooking the poor peons, or what?  It was one of those "Let Them Eat Cake" speeches."
I looked around and didn't see one poor person clapping.  I didn't see one poor person at all at $2,000 a Plate!!!  That's all I could think about as she extorted the virtues of being elected president. 
I know... They all make promises, offering the moon and giving nothing... except to their "friends"...
The thing is, after being the slave, being the Aunt Jimamas, House slaves and Field hands for over 200 years, after being told we were free but still unable to vote because of a Grand Father Clause that prevented us from voting or a Poll Tax we couldn't afford to pay, after being lynched and skinned alive and had so many games played on us and been cheated out of our AMERICAN rights, after having weak minded "Brothers" (Uncle Toms and Crabs in a Basket) sell us out constantly, it's our turn.  She's already been there as the wife.  It's our turn now.  She's already enjoyed the priveleges of having armed secret service... It's our turn now.  
Obama can make the decisions at 3 AM or PM, thank you very much Mr. "I'm going to retire from GSDM Advertising and walk the USA" Roy Spence so you don't have to make up another ad for your friend Hillary which she so boldly endorsed. 
You have to ask yourself, how richer will he be when she is the President?  Nobody does all that for free...
What's the REAL DEAL here and how come the media isn't asking THAT question of them?
We (I) contributed to both Hillary and Obama but decided to vote for the Brother.  No, I didn't vote for him BECAUSE he's a "Brother" because that wouldn't be right.  I voted for him because he's not supposed to win, wasn't supposed to even get this far and now that it appears that he might actually win, I get to see that deer in the headlights look from all my so called enlightened White friends and acquaintances as well as people that claim they don't see "color" and/or that believe racism is dead... even though THEY still unwittingly practice it.  I guess THEY are OFF THE HOOK because they are unaware???
Why can't we just be who we say we are?
I always meet somebody... Last Sunday morning I met a guy who works for Dell while standing in line at Einstein Bagels and the line was extraordinarily long.  Being true to form I started a conversation and discovered we have the same last name of Means.  He said he is from KS and you already ought to know I was born right here in Austin, Travis County, TX.  He's White and I am Beige (Black).  Of course, being that I like to make OTHER PEOPLE understand where I am coming from with the "Beige" remark, I made a quip about our SC Slave Owner not being a Means but instead a Swink who named all his slaves after the people on the adjacent land because he didn't want to pay taxes on them. 
That smart, thinking on his feet cheapness sounds like more than a few relatives of mine, no BS.  
It was obvious that my "new" cousin was uncomfortable about all that slavery talk and he acted ashamed... which I viewed as a good sign to his character and personality.  I liked him.
We continued talking and I found out he was FOR Obama but only because he thinks Obama can beat McCain and Clinton can't since she is too moody.  He said worse but I don't want to curse... today.
Then unfortunately, although certainly being a staunch Democrat, he inevitably made a reference about Bush being a bad President and that's when I awoke to argue with him.  You know I love a good debate.
I told him that although it was clearly apparent that Bush has made some "mistakes", our country as a whole would never be seriously considering Obama "today" without George W. Bush being the current President, for Bush brought all those highly visible Blacks like Page, Powell and Rice to the forefront of the American social consciousness despite their numerous mis-steps and gaffes. 
Seriously the highest ranking Black prior to Bush was Clarence "Coke Can"Thomas and then maybe one of the drivers or maids in the White House. 
Just think: All those Democrats that minorities USUALLY support and not ONE of them trusted US with the keys to the house... except the maids and the accused pervert that was nominated by Bush's dad.   And might it need to be noted that "Coke Can" is not even in the house but across the street, down the way and around the corner. 
Prior to Bush WE as Black people had NO EXPERIENCE in country leadership and after him we have a legitimate chance to actually win?  You know this is an opportunity that must be taken NOW or it'll be another 150 years. 
President George W. Bush's actions from DAY ONE proved that BLACKS can lead and run this great country whether as Republicans, Democrats or in my specific case, an Independant Whig.  I am being facetious of course...
MY play-cousin and I parted to likely never speak again as I got in the passenger side of the car.  He is living in a world far from my own, no doubt for I operate businesses and am probably worth more on paper than he will ever be and yet, I'll bet he has a better house and can get a loan faster than I can spit.
Still I'm not mad at him, per se.
Instead I'm mad at a system that allows people to forget how badly Blacks have been treated and the struggles we had to go thru just to get where we are, albeit clinging to a cliff often times.  A system that makes me sound like I have a "chip" just because I deserve an apology for being treated as property and not afforded the same chances as they.  I have reason for my angst... too many reasons. 
Still addressing the racial disparities in America is a social problem none of them dares address because it's too volatile so they argue about Gays in the military, free healthcare and how to stop a war that is killing people they don't know because their income bracket is off the chain compared to the poor soldier's families.  They would rather cut backroom deals for their "friends" and get Black Preachers to promise to sway congregations when they are only supposed to represent the WORD of the Lord.
The Devil is busy and you know it's ALL MESSED UP...
If WE as Americans allow it to permeate, whose FAULT is it?