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Even Though The TRUTH Will Set Him Free?

"I respect Obama because he takes the High Road" ~ Ron Means 03/08/08

Let's be realistic.  I am a Black man living in America and I also view myself as a realist.  I know ALREADY that Obama has as much of a chance of winning a FAIR race for President of the United States as ... there even BEING a fair race.  It hasn't been and won't be one.  Why lie?
One of the main themes of this article is whether Obama is of the FIELD or in the HOUSE.  What do I mean about the field and the house?  You must not be very old if you don't know the answer.  It refers to jobs of slaves.  Think about it.
First I want to address the 3 AM phone call scenario and I want everyone, no matter your bias as to WHICH CANDIDATE you are for to simply THINK... Why did the phone ring 12 times before it was answered by Hillary, who says she's "Ready to lead?" 
TWELVE TIMES?????????????????
If Hillary took THAT long to answer the phone at 3 AM where's she ready to lead us? 
And if it was Obama taking that long, chances are good he didn't know WHERE the phone was because there are no phones in the FIELD... just Overseers with whips.  Would somebody please show the Brother where the phones are? LOL of course...
On church:  A vast majority of people who attend Black churches have preachers who rant and rave for entertainment MAINLY so while we are being entertained by various speakers we are supposed to actually believe or be entranced with everything being espoused that's... and I want you to pay attention to this... That's NOT in the Bible? 
If it's not in the Bible it's just the speaker's opinion and as an American citizen we are all guaranteed the right to have an opinion regardless of whether it's MAINSTREAM or FRINGE.  So what the problem is and HOW is it Obama's?
Conversely, if Hillary's pastor told her to play fair, do you think she would?  
Personally I love the old stories and parables of Jesus in the Bible even though the majority of them are confusing.  Still they are interesting and help form the basis for the reasons to follow His wisdom, albeit extremely difficult to quantify in today's terms. 
That said, after sitting thru a snooze session of a long protracted sermon, failing to comprehend everything being preached, still we leave with a feeling that God loves us and we can go forth in the world plotting, talking and playing the "dozens about other people" without fear that a bolt of lightning might actually strike us down from the Lord BECAUSE we dropped our dimes and spent some quality time with our families at church. 
That's the truth even though I am sure SOMEBODY will spin a lie from it... because THE DEVIL is always busy.
Obama has the popular vote lead, has the delegate lead and he even has the Super Delegate lead but it doesn't matter because THE MAN, and we all think we know WHO that REALLY is, will never allow even ONE HALF a BROTHER to become the leader of America and will promulgate destroying him no matter how close he seems to be winning.  It's the truth. 
The Devil Is Always Busy
"You can be 2nd even though you are 1st as long as I get to be 1st even though I am really 2nd."  That's an insulting offer yet it was made in Mississippi to Obama by both Bill and Hillary Clinton, which also begs the question: Just WHO is really running?  Is this gonna be a TWO-FER or what????????? 
When I heard the offer for Obama to step aside and let her lead I recalled reading about Jesus telling the people that the 1st would be last and the last would be 1st to enter PARADISE.  Is Paradise now the seat of the US Presidency or what???  Maybe it is...
 Obama didn't fall for that ploy to get him to be like a little boy and follow behind the woman so her camp conspired to get rid of him another way... they questioned Obama's veritable right to be a contender because of his RACE as if he had control over THAT.  Do you imagine that he could choose his race and name as Hillary chose to be married to the whorer former president or to better yet, be a woman?  And the fact that she's still grinning by his side publicly as if nothing was EVER amiss with Ms. Monica Lewinsky or Ms. Paula Jones while he was Governor in Arkansas, doesn't that speak more to the point that she didn't mind what all Bill was doing with those other women in the first place? Hillary's no fool so don't intimate that she didn't know or approve... 
I wonder WHY there has been no big furor over that, especially in light of Idiot Spitzer's unfolding saga and imminent social demise.  "His poor wife and kids" is all I can muster...
Geraldine Ferraro took the hit on that race statement but you already know that Hillary knew and approved the tactic because it's a high-stakes chess game that's being played out with the media as the pawn and Hillary is certainly no fool. Only a fool would have staff talking off-the-cuff like that and not know or approve it and even a fool would react quicker than she did if she didn't know.  MY point exactly... 
Finally NOW they attack Obama's high-spirited former Marine preacher even though they know he doesn't listen to him...  Maybe THAT will get Obama to realize that it's not chess anymore and he needs to step back from 1st and be the obediant 2nd place contestant even though he's winning.  He needs to recognize that even though he's destined for the house, he will never run it or have a chance to answer the phone except to hand it to someone else.
But at least we got ONE THING CLEAR: Obama's NOT a Muslim... He's just a typical Black Christian.
Just think, while the preacher talks to the congregation most of the time the congregation is asleep.  That's the way it is in MY church anyway.  We have no idea what he was talking about.  You know this is the truth.
Now after all these truths that are becoming self-evident that all men are not treated equally, I look at myself and "What Ifs": Here I am writing all my thoughts and who knows, maybe one day I want to be the Sheriff.  So the fact that I am for Obama or the fact that I would've been in the FIELD instead of the HOUSE or... and best of all, the fact that I jokingly refer to myself as BEIGE, will that be how they will get me?
Bring it on then.  I would rather fight in the field with the truth and lose than to lie about the truth and win nothing worth having in the house.  My math professor father taught me that winning with a lie is tainted worthlessness and THAT'S the ONLY math that really matters. 
Inevitably the values of this life will be tested against the values of the Lord and where pray-tell will you stand? 
I wrote it, I said it, I meant it and I won't take it back... Not for threats of The Man or any of his hench-people for I have to live with my self beyond this place and time and be accountable and responsible for not only my actions but my character and beliefs. 
House or Field, slavery was allegedly abolished a long time ago.  Would the Federal and Local Governments and Media please simply acknowledge the wrongs of America on its OWN people so we can stop all this volatile divisiveness? 
Bin Laden is surely laughing at us in our turmoil as we fight and destroy our ideology and dreams while he sips a beer with the Devil inside some cave with unabashed and absolute impunity.
I pray that we WAKE UP and stop arguing over what people who are NOT running said... people who have no power and listen to them that are running.  Ask yourself, "Does the Devil take the High Road or Ride the High Horse?"  Now WHOSE side are you on?