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Obama in Tejas

It is becoming more apparent, more obvious to me that the Clinton and McCain political machines are working together to stop Obama even though Clinton is supposed to be ALWAYS against whatever McCain is espousing and FOR the same things Obama is.  The fact that she isn't and is joining the group attacking her fellow democrat just really shines the light on what I have been saying all along, which is if she can't run it she is willing to ruin it so nobody can.


The late comedian Richard Pryor did an album called "Is It Something I Said?" which was proclaimed as ground-breaking and more honest than any other comedian of the day, allowing mainstream Black people's plights to reach more White people's consciousness than ever before. 
In my opinion Richard Pryor was as much an ambassador for the Negro people as Martin Luther King, Jr. was.  I know, THAT was a dangerous statement that many will twist, misconstrue and berate me for making... But the last time I checked, isn't this still an America where an individual has freedom of thought and speech?
The truth is that many in-touch with REALITY Blacks "back in the day" talked and felt like Richard Pryor exclaimed in his shows and albums concerning the war, the police, the failure of justice for most of "us" and racial inequalities in general.  Pryor used a microphone and a laugh to say what needed to be said and because of that, he was actually listened to by White America, albeit in joke form and fashion.  I imagine if he hadn't had said it in joke he would've been labeled just another angry ... Nazarene.

Perhaps THAT'S the mistake that Obama is making... he needs to revert to the roots he didn't learn because he was raised by his White grandmother who still likely clutches her purse when she is walking down a street and sees black people coming her way...
Perhaps he should do stand-up, telling some jokes to put all the White folk at ease so they can laugh at how the truth is funny to them even though not so funny to us.  Then they could exhort how greatly he IS in-touch with reality because it would be as a joke. People love to laugh.
If he just reverts into being someone he has never been they will be more readily able to laugh at the truths that he talks about without trying to lynch him for revealing those truths that poor and middle class people live EVERYDAY... without them trying to spin what he says and making the mountain out of far less than that of even a molehill. 
I feel that Obama's detractors are exhibiting an attitude of "Don't tell the truth, the people don't need to know about what they won't understand plus they are used to being ignored so why awaken them? Let's maintain the status quo and get richer doing it.  They like being ignorant and poor.  We are doing them a service.  Don't rock the boat." 
They obviously don't want us mice to know that we are being led over a cliff into an abyss.  We are stupid and of course we are bitter... wouldn't you be if you voted for people that NEVER listen to you and instead let the credit card companies, banks, oil companies and IRS control them?
The servants (government) think they are the masters and the true masters (masses) are unaware.
Just consider that when some leave office they make 30 million dollars a year for speaking engagements and dubious consulting contracts and we the people still can't get a loan to save our farms, houses or what have we.  THIS is reality and there's no joking about it even if we decide that the only way to cope is to blame someone else like... gay and lesbians who want to get married or illegals crossing the border from Mexico BUT not argue about the WHITE illegals who cross from Canada.  It's crazy and it's no joke how crazy it really is...
Come on America... Let's keep it real IF we are going to claim to keep it at all...
Seriously, Obama said that people are bitter because they don't believe that anyone in Washington is paying attention to their needs.  How is THAT not the unabashed truth?  If he is lying, if he is the one out-of-touch, then why the coordinated out-cry from both the Republicans and Clintons? 
Does the squeaky wheel get the grease? 
You should already know that I am implying much more than coordination.  Is it something I said?  Yes.