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No, It's More Like the Election of 1876 and
The Compromise of 1877
which Screwed The Negros in America BIG TIME!!!

Everyone knows the cute sayings of men... "History Repeats Itself" or "What happens in the Dark will Come to Light" and things like that.  We all are guilty of saying this if we live long enough for things to happen to our witness.
I do not believe that there is anyone on this earth today who witnessed what actually happened in America immediately after the Civil War ended or during the Reconstruction era but I have a site I started called Racial Perspective and you are invited to read the history behind the title of THIS story by clicking HERE.  Historians wrote about it and it is consigned to the history of our great nation in such a way that the major news media might never bring it to light for fear of awakening the ignorant masses (all of us) for fear that history my not repeat itself.  They want history to repeat itself... They are wealthy.  Yes, I am saying it is not in their best interests to remind us of all the great injustices that are looming to repeat until after they do... then they can make more money, sell more advertising and make the misery of the peoples that they continue to profit upon... continue, staying on top and in control all the while.  Why would they want to not prosper?   
And might I add, the Negro was not the only people to be cheated of freedom and wealth in America for almost a 100 years because of it, the poor, working class White man was too.  They won't trumpet this because guess who they keep at each others' throat?  The poor Black and poor White.

Watching the news on CNN this morning prompted this story.  They were talking about the advancement of "Women" but really, they are mainly talking about the advancement of WHITE women.  You know this is true. 
I just find it incredible that after 1953 with the decision in Brown vs Board of Education and the 1964 signing by President Johnson of the Civil Rights Act ending segregation that they later included WHITE WOMEN in the Affirmative Action legislation.  I was aghast.  What started as a road to atonement morphed into a watered-down act of goodwill to Blacks because WHITE women mainly and anyone else who wanted to claim minority status did.  That's like giving me a Lotto winning number and then telling me that half the people in the world also picked the same numbers and we have to share the prize.
THIS is why I never was for Affirmative Action.  It did not help solve our problems but created more bad will because it looked like we hit the lotto and didn't.

Now here we find ourselves in 2008 trying to select a President to keep history from perpetuating and repeating itself because the things that have been continually done to the majority of the people of this nation, who together are indeed the minority when it comes to wealth, need to stop.  We need to stop hating and dividing, stop fearing and conspiring.  We need to handle our business and live happy and full lives.  All of us and not a priviledged few.  We don't want history to repeat itself because history has not been very kind to most of us.
"Yes, I am partially out of that basket but I want to help everyone still in it out too, whether they believe me or not." ~ Ron Means 1988
So there I was watching CNN listening to the pundits talk about Hillary Clinton's chances and the plight of Samuel Tilden struck me.  When Samuel Tilden won the Presidential election of 1876 by an overwhelming margin, Rutherford B. Hayes challenged the results by claiming that the Negros were coerced and had their votes discounted.  Does this sound familiar?  Think about it real hard.
Then he made a deal with some southern democrats to pull the Federal Troops that were protecting the former slave's interests and leave them helpless to fight the KKK.  All the Negro congressmen and voters disappeared and it took us almost 100 years to recover. 
Is it looking familiar to you YET?  You don't think this can happen again?  Just sit back, relax, watch, say nothing, do nothing, and be no part of a positive solution.  THEY are counting on your lack of stamina and strength to see it.  It can happen again.  They are setting it up.
Delegates can change their minds in a blink. Obama is winning everthing and has an almost insurmountable lead.  "Almost" is the key word.  I bet Samuel Tilden had memorized his acceptance speech.  Barack Obama and Samuel Tilden might be on the same kind of Titanic.
I hope I am wrong.