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I Forgot I Had On Glasses


My wife, daughter and I rode with one of my drivers in the Suburban to Victoria, TX early this morning to support our nephewMarcus Wright and the San Antonio Reagan Rattlers on their path to the Texas State High Shool Football Quarterfinals. 
We ate some home-style Mexican food before going to the game at a place called La Tejanita and the attitude of the workers was as good as the meal was authentic.  Their Fajitas with Shrimp are out of this world in size and value, I kid you not.  It was SO good I might roll down that way JUST for lunch.
Reagan beat Los Fresnos 49-28 and Marcus did well as expected.  I had a chance to shoot the fat with the Reagan Coach's father and I have to admit, although I question some of the play selection, if Reagan's Head Coach Wetzel is anything like his dad, I like him and we'll get along just fine.
We rushed back to Austin because the Toros were playing and we had treated my wifes elementary class to some free tickets to the game that night and needed to be there as well. 
With an hour or so to spare we went to Champions on 4th and Trinity for dinner and that's when I ran into my good friend and real estate developer James Noryian,  It was good seeing him.



We finished eating and went to the game between the Austin Toros and the visiting Colorado 14ers (Fourteeners), greeting most of my wife'sstudents and their parents.
As I was sitting in our season seats suddenly I saw out of the corner of my only good eye a shadow of the sun coming straight at me in what seemed at the time like slow motion.  Even so, I did not have time to react because by the time it registered in my brain that it was a fully-aired BASKETBALL... It was too late to avoid.  I had a soda in one hand and a program in the other and now I wish I had been at a soccor match (like that guy in the photo) because the pain hasn't gone away.  I probably have a mild concussion.  Let's hope it didn't haem my only good eye...
I am getting old and I know this for a fact because I used to be able to play basketball, get hit upside the head, jump up like it was nothing and be better than ever.  Today I just want to curl up with some pain meds and go to sleep.
That ball hit my right upper skull and eye with such fierce velocity that it knocked off my glasses and I forgot that I had glasses on.  I was trying to see if I could see, to be honest with you and glad that I could.  I had completely forgotten that my best pair of glasses were gone until someone behind me handed them to me. 
I suppose I was in the same kind of shock Westlake, O'Connor and Los Fresnos felt after Reagan and Marcus rolled over them.
I'm just glad I didn't get knocked out!  THAT would've been so embarrassing for ME to get knocked out like that THERE.
Then again, maybe it was a good thing that I was the one that got hit.  If it had hit either my wife or daughter in the face like that... Let's not even think about it.  Plus THAT's the seat my mother sits whenever she attends and... Let's not go THERE either. 
So what if I've got splitting headaches and my glasses don't fit anymore or my eye pulses and hurts like never before.  I can handle it and if I can't then I will still handle the fact that I won't be able to handle it.  I mean I'll get over it either way.
Still I wish I could see it in slow-motion.  I really would like to be able to laugh about it even though 5 days later it still hurts like the Dickens.
Now even you KNOW I'm old after that last line about the dickens because only OLD PEOPLE know that type colloquy...