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As most of you know by now my dad Dr. James H. Means, Sr. died Sunday and none of us have been able to get much rest since, what with the well-wisher's calls, multiple text messages inquiring as to whether or not I am "alright" and such, impromptu visits and emails that must be answered immediately upon receipt, most inquiring of the arrangements while even his body wasn't quite yet cold even.  Still I understand. 
This is the instant Internet age where the new news is probably old after a few hours.  Of course people want to know what time, where and when to insert into their schedules.  I understand.
It's funny how one guy I barely know wrote inquiring "How are you holding up?" adding "I doubt you are" as if I would be losing my mind or something... Do you think I would ever disclose that I am not OK to someone I barely know?  "There are no chinks in my armor buddy. I have endured people taunting me and trying to disrupt my calm and if I can do that, I can do anything."  You don't know how angry reading THAT made me, well-wisher or not.  I am not the one... but I will let it roll off me because he doesn't obviously know any better.  You think?
Synopsis of My Dream
We were operating a taxi/limo business somewhere in the country near Prairie View.  We had a light blue painted office with asphaulted and striped parking and chain-link fencing that resembled that of the current facillity at 1135 Gunter Street.  Most of the spots were empty because the cars were working and I now realize that the place was a compilation of all my offices of the past, present and possible future.  There was that place in Bryan that Ray had his company that I bought in 1986, a little of 1129 1/2 East 11th Street where Harlem's original office was, Lloyd Liveoak's place on South Lamar where he moved Harlem before we bought it from him, our first office at 2416 Webberville Road, where we are now on Gunter St and finally where I wish we could move to, the old Champion Autoplex that is vacant and would be great for expansion.  What an imagination I have, huh?
All our key drivers were there including some deceased ones like Rev. Algie Collins, Abraham Hill, James Norwood, Sugar Bear Reed and Number 5 were alive and well in my dream. (In my heart)
Both my parents and my brother, the full partnership of Harlem Cab Inc. with me, which was truly Austin's first Black Car Service were also in the building, doing whatever they do best.
I was outside trying to repair the wiring under the dash of some car when I was told there was a problem and I needed to come into the office. 
You know how dreams go?  They skip.
As I was walking to the office I saw my former driver and retired Austin Policeman friend Ricky Davis coming out of a building on 11th Street and San Marcos where the Ritter gas station used to be.  He had made some kind of pool hall or club out of it.  Strangely Ricky was wearing his old light blue APD uniform even though the new uniform the Austin policemen wear is a very dark blue.  He was walking with his gunbelt on carrying a box that I assumed had money in it toward the former Union National Bank building at the corner of 11th and IH35.  There were 2 APD officers on bikes looking at traffic as he walked by them.  One of them was my friend Spanky and the other was John Jones.  I remember thinking, "I didn't know John could ride a bike!"  Ricky went into the bank.
My dream skipped back
I finally got into the office and there was a phone call for me.  Somone had unplugged my phone at my desk and I suspected my daughter because it was hooked to the computer and that's something she might've done. I started looking for the jack to re-plug it up. 
another skip
All of a sudden I was transported to Astor Place, the house I bought from and later sold back to my parents after I got married this 2nd time.  I finally got the phone plugged up and it was Peggy calling me, one of our drivers telling me that her sister Cheryl was in trouble and needed help.  Help spelled $$,$$$.
It was then that I remembered something my sister Janet had said yesterday about what other people think versus whatever is really true...  Yes I ride in limos everywhere with a chauffeur but it's mainly because I am LEGALLY BLIND and cannot drive myself.  I know people don't understand about whatever it is they don't know.  So yes it might actually look like I have more $$ than I really have.  It's called Living Rich while Being Poor. 


I thought to myself, "How many times has Cheryl, who is truthfully one of the most trustworthy cab drivers I have ever known, asked me for help that I couldn't freely do without skipping a beat in my life?  The answer is Never.  This was the first time."  I wanted to help her even though I couldn't afford to.  Peggy explained the problem and I felt that a few phone calls to a few friends might help make her problem go away until she had time to earn the money she needed to solve the problem without borrowing anything from anybody.  My solution was to help her to help herself.
I told her I didn't have it but I would call some friends of mine and it worked to the point that she didn't need money to solve her problem... my friends were the equalizers.  I had helped after all and it only cost me some favors.
skipping again
On the way back to that wiring repair a car drove up... It was a sales lady but ... I don't know what she was trying to sell.
We went into my office and she found some old 33 rpm records and started playing a jazz one on a turntable.  The problem is, I didn't have a turntable and was aware, in the dream state, that turntables didn't belong in my office, so THIS was alarming to say the least.   
She didn't look bad either... reminding me of Vanessa Williams and Halle Berry with a spice of... What's that girl that used to date Puff Daddy's name? Jenny on the block Lopez?  Her. In other words she was hot. 
By now she was lying down on the floor at my feet, beckoning me and you know what I did?  I sat in my chair and said, "No.  I have someone. I'm married"  She said, "She doesn't have to know."  I responded, "I'll know and I know I am not interested but am flattered anyway. Now you may get the (my normal choice vocabulary group of words) up out of my office because I have other things to do and people to help."
SHE was the Devil.
I realize now that this conversation came from a scene in a movie I saw yesterday called "The Bucket List" with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson and the only difference is that the girl said to Freeman, "She is very lucky" and not "She doesn't have to know."  I see it as Class versus No Class.  Good versus Evil.

I know I dreamed that dream because of what is happening this week:  Daddy died, Mrs. Hortense Lawson who used to babysit me and who I loved deeply like an aunt died a day before my dad, my good friend Charles "Billy" Medearis who I spent many a free summer day talking to and was always welcome in his home and he mine died a few days prior to Mrs. Lawson,  John Monaghan, a good cop I knew and was good friends with was being buried by the time I found out he was dead, former dispatcher, friend and cab driver Evelyn Houston died yesterday after fighting cancer and I didn't know that my GOOD FRIEND Ralph McElroy had been dead over a year.  I didn't even know Bill Marshall was dead until after a year or so later.  I am like JET? (My Black friends should GET this slight)
I am completely watching too much Direct TV and cable and not reading the paper enough, otherwise I might know when friends get sick and die. 
Then again, maybe I don't want to know... 


I know that my mind is thinking about HEAVEN and HELL and praying that none go to the latter.  I know why I dreamed about temptation today...  It wasn't about ME at all.