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It all started so innocently.  I wanted to sell my prize 1978 Corvette Pace Car, one of 2 that I have remaining from when I had a valid driver's license LAST YEAR.  I bought the car in February or March (I cannot remember because I misplaced the title and didn't register it until last Friday).  It doesn't really matter to me WHEN I got it as much as WHERE I got it from.  I bought it from deep East Texas in Texarkana from a guy that I liked instantly on Ebay.  His name is Bryan Poe.
To "feel me" a little you need to understand my history.  My dad was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and I vividly remember us stocking up on Burger Chef burgers and iced sodas for our long road journeys to Pine Bluff from Austin in the 1960s.  There were no IH20s or super highways to travel... We took back roads thru the heart of the KKK south on each trek.  I remember the COLORED ONLY bathrooms and every place they were.  What's really sad is that I remember those times with heartfelt fondness...
Digressing a bit, I also remember walking in downtown Austin and, even though Jim Crow was always alive and well, everyone GREETED each other regardless of race.  That doesn't happen too much anymore and that is some of what I miss most... The respectfulness that has been lost by the wayside replaced by people who not only don't know each other but have no desire to care about whatever's happening around them either.  It's like the North REALLY invaded the South and won.
People up North are KNOWN for their callous-coldnesses toward others.
Back to my sale today I had a bunch of emails asking questions about the car I first listed 2 days ago but none offering a specific amount.  It was a feel-out period for all of us.
That's one of the reasons I hate selling because I hardly ever "feel out" a seller.  I see the car, I either want it or I don't and I bid until I win or lose.  Most of these people are "Watchers" and last minute bidders.  People like that cause people like me to suffer big-time anxiety attacks because "Just bid and buy it already" is my attitude, especially when I am selling a car that is so gall-darnit RARE.  1978 L82 hipo engine with manual transmission, cloth & leather, yellow spare rim, original condition, never wrecked and GREAT running show winning PACE CAR.  What's to consider?  You either want it or you don't.

I got a call yesterday from a guy in Georgetown who said he wanted to see the car today.  We agreed on a time and like me if I were him, he was characteristicly EARLY.  After he looked the car over we started chit-chatting and I cannot lie, it was like talking to myself... Except he was a Jewish Italian.  Of course I told him I am Beige and we connected.  I found another friend while disposing of a dream (my car).
He didn't buy it but made some suggestions which I took and the car sold within 2 hours.
Fogo de Chao lunch is on me Mike.