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NAACP? Rev. Jackson? Al Sharpton?
Let us start each day with a solemn prayer for the abused, here and gone, for us to stop coveting and begin appreciating all that God has placed before us. 


Some people want to help change the world by abolishing the "N" Word. 

Personally I think that although it sounds like a good idea, it's probably too late. Some of us use the word as a term of endearment while others of us use it to insult and everything hinges on the relationship that we have between us, the speaker and the target.


The N-WORD "Contract"  


The NAACP wants to stop  everyone from saying "Nigger" but if you don't belong to the NAACP then how can they have power over everyone?  And really, why would anyone (member or not) want them to have that much power without the benefit of their input?  The same applies to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all of the other self-annointed.


This week I am in Columbus, GA for my wife's maternal family reunion.  This "N-word" conversation came up (I brought it up actually) as I was speaking with former Columbus city council member Nathan Suber who appeared at the family Meet & Greet function at the invitation of my cousin and good friend Julius Rogers.  Mr. Suber explained that he likened the NAACP to that of a union, disclosing that although one may or may not belong to a group, non-members still can benefit from the representation of members. 


I personally do not feel that the large organization known as the NAACP truthfully represents ALL members because when I was a member I never recieved ONE poll.  Therefore I seriously doubt that more than a handful of people made this decision.  No input means no representation from my perspective. The fact remains that I believe that the NAACP is too big and has too many agendas so how can they practically assume that we want THIS particular word banned without at least polling us? 


I used to belong to the Austin NAACP chapter a long time ago but became disillusioned when I discovered that it was cliquey. Why would I want to pay money to or attend meetings with people that would do whatever without considering my input with an open mind?  That's just not going to ever happen with me.


Like voodoo, if you don't believe in it, how can it work for or against you? 


This is not to say that I do not believe in the NAACP.  I just don't believe that they have the power to legislate or speak on every "Colored Person's" behalf.  I haven't authorized them to speak for me nor have I agreed that THIS is the course that we should take regarding THIS word.   Plus because of my previous experiences coming up in this world and watching all the dealings and goings on, I seriously doubt they would listen at any rate because I believe it is too big and likely controlled by too few.


Might it be safe to assume that if the NAACP can speak for even the non-members then the Daughters of the Confederacy speak for all southern White women or that the Ku Klux Klan speaks for all White people just because they say that they do or that they are "looking out for" their race?  It's about the same level of ridiculousness to me.


How can people give any large organization a blanket of power over their interests without an actual vote?  An organization can only speak for their members regardless of who benefits and that's just simple common sense logic that you don't need a college degree to understand.  Or do you?  Can we vote on that?


Which brings me to my main point:  Why do people think that all Black people (or "Colored" in this case) are supposed to be TOGETHER any who?  At the beginning of creation, did we sign a pact or something? As individuals with different goals how COULD we think the same about every or any one thing?  We are too diverse to be THAT simple therefore no solution can be simple either.


Somebody quipped that my grand parents are probably rolling in their graves because of all the struggles of the past and my contemptual statements of today.  Do you imagine that my deceased relatives might be rolling in their graves due to the contempt I exhibit and write about concerning all these self-appointed and self annointed representatives of us "Colored People"?  Relax folks... Dead people can't roll because they're dead. 


Honestly, the only unelected leader that I can follow is Jesus Christ, thank God.