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There Is A Heaven
Happy Birthday Daddy
6/10/07 - My Father's Son
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Maternal Tree- Sadler

This is my Grand Nephew enjoying a ride
As also my Dad's ride home to Glory

Dr. James Horatio Means, Sr.
July 16, 1910-July 27, 2008

My Dad Passed Away Today.  They told us he was dying and at the most had 10 days to live on April 2, 2008 and to send him to Hospice.  We took him to his home and he celebrated his 98th birthday July 16th.  Eleven days later today, he passed peacefully at home in his sleep.  I text messaged all the people in my phone who I call FRIEND and one of them, Vernon Crayton text mesagged me back,
"There is a Heaven.  Dr. James H. Means is there."

My Dad was a great father, mentor and friend to people he knew and people he didn't know.  And like that song I used to sing a lot in church called the Saints of God, I want to be one too...  just like my dad.

My Parent's 66th Anniverary
With all 5 kids and theirs