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Maternal Tree- Sadler

Sadler Family Information
The Rev. James B. Sadler (1828-1911), a self-educated former slave, started this black congregation in 1870 and helped establish a separate black Presbytery in 1876. Worship services were held in a nearby brush arbor or in homes until the present structure was erected in 1890. This building also housed a community school for a time. The Rev. Sadler and his wife, Susan, owned the property until 1909. It was then deeded to church officers, who maintain the church and adjacent cemetery today. The congregation's annual homecoming is held in November.

James B Sadler

1. James B. Sadler
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

born: 2 May 1828 - probably Tennessee
died: 1 November 1911 - Bosque County, Texas
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
married: Bosque County, Texas
wife: Susan "Sue" Thompson

Children of James B. Sadler and Susan Thompson Sadler:

1.1. Sidney Sadler
1st wife: Mrs. Ida Snell

Children of Sidney Sadler and Ida Sadler:

1.1.1. Frankie Sadler
husband: Steve Bradshaw

1.1.2. Mary Sadler
husband: Sam Johnson Jeff Johnson Ida Johnson Irene Johnson Frankie Johnson Inez Johnson Grace Johnson Eliza Johnson

1.1.3. Oma Sadler
husband: R. G. Manning

Children of Oma Sadler Manning and R. G. Manning: Kingsley Manning Portia Alta Manning Lois Manning Quarica Manning Orvis Manning Calvin Coolidge Manning Zuma Murl Manning Alvin Manning Lafell Manning Jean Manning Bobby Manning


2nd marriage of Sidney Sadler:
2nd wife of Sidney Sadler: Ludie Phillips
born: 28 June 1889
died: 15 June 1962
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

Children of Sidney Sadler and Ludie Phillips Sadler:

1.1.4. Estena Sadler
husband: G. H. Harris

1.1.5. Homer James Sadler
1st wife: Erie Wright

2nd wife of Homer James Sadler: Joan Gerbernokoff Janice Sadler Doris Sadler

1.1.6. Juanita Sadler
1st husband: Walter Conner

Children of Juanita Sadler Conner and Walter Conner: Robert Lee Conner Clara Conner

Husband of Clara Conner: Charlie Yates 

2nd husband of Juanita Sadler: Priestly Green


1.1.7. Cicero L. Sadler
wife: Mary Wilson Cicero Sadler, Jr.


1.1.8. Robert L. Sadler
1st wife: Ruby McClarron

Child of Robert L. Sadler and Ruby McClarron Sadler: Robert Sadler, Jr.

 2nd wife of Robert L. Sadler: Glenda Copaze

1.1.9. Bertha E. Sadler
husband: James H. Means

   Joan Elizabeth Means

  husband Paseka Edwin Khabele Janet Marie Means

husband Samuel Thomas Scott, Jr. James H. Means, Jr. 

  wife Carol Lynnette Adams Patricia Ann Means

    husband Marvin Porter King Ronald L Means

       wife  Diane Wright  Jasmine Renee Means

1.1.10. Sidney Lanier Sadler, Jr. (Died 10/02/1988)
wife: Billie Kaye Sample Cecil Sadler Sylvia Sadler Michael Sadler Cynthia Sadler


1.2. Green Sadler
Stated Clerk of Brazos River Presbytery for many years
wife: Fannie Cain or King

1.3. John K. Sadler
born: 13 April 1877
died: 22 November 1962
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
wife: Frankie Revis

Child of John K. Sadler and Frankie Revis Sadler:

1.3.1. Herschel L. Sadler
wife: Thelma Dabbs Herschel L. Sadler, Jr.


1.4. Delia Sadler
born: 1873
died: 1945
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
husband: Joe Wright
born: 1873
died: 1945
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

Children of Delia Sadler Wright and Joe Wright:

1.4.1. Azaliner Wright

1.4.2. Earline Wright

1.4.3. Roy Wright

1.4.4. Ned James Wright
born: 1895
died: 8 April 1971
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

1.4.5. Vernon Wright
born: 1904
died: 1959
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

1st wife: Emma Knox Vernon Wright Jr  Carlton Wright 

2nd wife: Bertha Mae Johnson  Althea Yvonne Wright Hargrove

  Lathera Yvonne Johnson

   James Jermaine Hargrove

    Joseph Hargrove

1.4.6. Grant Wright

1.4.7. George Wright

1.4.8. Ellen Wright

1.4.9. Lillie Wright

1.4.10. Lottie Wright

1.4.11. Claudius Wright

1.4.12. Modest Wright

1.4.13. Alma Wright

1.4.14. Jewel Wright


1.5. Lula B. Sadler
born: 10 June 1875 -
died: 21 September 1940 -
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
husband: Sanders Kennar

Child of Lula Sadler Kennar and Sanders Kinner:

1.5.1. Irene Dabbs Kennar


1.6. Thulia Sadler
husband: Jeff Snell

Children of Thulia Sadler Snell and Jeff Snell:

1.6.1. Charlie Green Snell

1.6.2. Fannie Snell

1.6.3. Novie Snell

1.6.4. Ovie Snell

1.6.5. Jefferson Snell, Jr.

1.6.6. Leroy Snell


1.7. Mittie (or Mintia) Sadler
husband: Ed Steele

Children of Mittie Sadler Steele and Ed Steele:

1.7.1. Eula Steele

1.7.2. Abigail Steele

1.7.3. Ruthie Steele

1.7.4. Parthenia Steele

1.7.5. Jessie Steele

1.7.6. Abner Steele


1.8. U. Grant Sadler
born: 1867 -
died: 1934 -
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
wife: Lizzie Standifer

Children of Grant Sadler and Lizzie Standifer Sadler:

1.8.1. Beatrice "Bee" Sadler


2. Howard Sadler
wife: Frances Lewis

Children of Howard Sadler and Frances Lewis Sadler:

2.1. Isaiah "Ike" Sadler
wife: Emmaline Odie

Children of Isaiah Sadler and Emmaline Odie Sadler:

2.1.1. Almeda Sadler

2.1.2. William Sadler

2.1.3. Ollie Sadler

2.1.4. Gladys Sadler

2.1.5. Isaiah Sadler, Jr.

2.1.6. Claudine Sadler

2.1.7. Dorothy Sadler

2.1.8. Frances Sadler


2.2. Woodson Sadler
1st wife: Betty Sinty

Children of Woodson Sadler and Betty Sinty Sadler:

2.2.1. Geneva Sadler

2.2.2. Jimmie Sadler

2.2.3. Marjorie Sadler

2.2.4. Charley Sadler


2nd wife of Woodson Sadler: Laura Thomas or Revis

Children of Woodson Sadler and Laura Sadler:

2.2.4. Dewitt Sadler
born: 5 December 1904
died: 30 November 1947
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

2.2.5. Woodson Sadler, Jr.

2.2.6. Hazel Sadler

2.2.7. Laura Sadler


2.3. Clara Bell Sadler
husband: Oliver Sinty
no children


2.4. Almeda Sadler
husband: Gilbert Bible

Children of Almeda Sadler Bible and Gilbert Bible:

2.4.1. Artie Bible

2.4.2. Hallie D. Bible

2.4.3. Ollie Bell Bible

2.4.4. Clara Bell Bible

2.4.5. Mary Bell Bible

2.4.6. Ellise Bible


2.5. Jimmy Sadler
1st wife: Texana Odie

Children of Jimmy Sadler and Texana Odie Sadler:

2.5.1. Guy William Sadler

2.5.2. Nathaniel Sadler


2nd wife of Jimmy Sadler: Margaret Sinty

Children of Jimmy Sadler and Margaret Sinty Sadler:

2.5.3. Irene Sadler

2.5.4. Lucille Sadler

2.5.5. R. C. Sadler

2.5.6. Willie Lee Sadler


3. Arch Sadler
wife: Elizabeth ________

Children of Arch Sadler and Elizabeth ? Sadler:

3.1. Frances Sadler
husband: Mose Johnson

3.2. Arizona Sadler
husband: Grundy Sadler

Children of Arizona Sadler and Grundy Sadler:

3.2.1. Lonzo Sadler

3.2.2. Jettie B. Sadler

3.2.3. Minnie Sadler

3.2.4. Willie D. Worthy Sadler

3.2.5. Gene Sadler


3.3. America Sadler

3.4. Martha Sadler

3.5. Timothy Sadler

3.6. Charlie Sadler

3.7. Logan P. Sadler
born: 20 November 1854
died: 22 April 1929
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas
wife: Nancy Sinty
[daughter of Mack Sinty and Sarah ?]

Children of Logan P. Sadler and Nancy Sinty Sadler:

3.7.1. Vassie Sadler

3.7.2. Melvin "Boots" Sadler

3.7.3. John Bunyan Sadler

3.7.4. Fannie Sadler

3.7.5. Louise Sadler

3.7.6. Esther Sadler

3.7.7. Edgar Sadler
born: 7 June 1892
died: 25 May 1952
buried: Rock Springs Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Bosque County, Texas

3.7.8. Jack Sadler

The largest family by far both in numbers and in land owned was the SADLER FAMILY. Three Sadler brothers and a sister bought and in 1878 in what is called the Negro Colony located some 5 miles N.E. of Valley Mills. The patriarch of the family was JAMES B. SADLER (called Rev. Jim) who organized the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on his land) which church still exists and is honored with an historical marker. JAMES B. SADLER bought from H. E. Conger et al 545 acres of land on December 19, 1878 at a price of $1445. His children were: U. G. (Grant) who married Lizzie Standifer and they had one daughter, Beatrice; John K. who married Frankie Revis, Green who married Fannie King, Howard who married Frances Lewis, (who according to descriptions furnished by several of the older ones who knew her, had blue eyes, a fair complexion, and straight hair), Baker (Bake) who married Lula Sadler, Minnie who married Ed. Steele, Thulie who married Jeff Snell, Delia who married Joe Wright and Lula who married Sanders Kenner. (Irene Dabbs is a daughter).

HOWARD SADLER, a brother of Rev. Jim married Frances Lewis and their children were : Isaiah (Ike) who married Emmaline Odie and their children were William, Ollie, Isaiah Jr., Almeda, Gladys, Claudine, Dorothy and Frances; Jimmy who first married Texana Odie and later to Margaret Sinty; Woodson first married Betty Sinty and their children were Geneva, Jimmie, Marjorie and Charley and his second marriage was to Laura Thomas and their children were Hazel, Laura, Dewitt and Woodson Jr. Howard bought 270 acres also on Dec. 19, 1878 at a price of $687.04.

ARCH SADLER, another brother of Rev. Jim, married Elizabeth ?and their children were Frances (who married Mose Johnson), Arizona, America, Martha, Timothy, Charlie and Logan. LOGAN SADLER, a son of Arch Sadler married Nancy Sinty, whose father was Mack Sinty and their children were Vassie, Melvin (Boots), John Bunyan, Fannie, Louise, Esther, Ed and Jack.

GRUNDY SADLER first married Arizona Sadler and their children were Lonzo, Jettie B., Minnie, Willie D. Worthy and Gene. His second marriage was to Sallie Sedberry and they had no children. However, Sallie Sedberry had a son by a previous marriage, Herbert Allen, who was the father of Jack Allen who lives here now. No one interviewed seems to know Grundy Sadler's father's name.

MACK SINTY, also a preacher, settled in the colony at the same time as Rev. Jim, Howard and Arch Sadler and bought 64 acres of land from Mary A. Conger, et al on December 19, 1878 at a cost of $245.00. He was married to Sarah ? and their children were OLIVER (who first married Valera Belle Sadler and his second marriage was to Fannie Revis); Mary married Ed Edwards; Henry married Bessie Snell; Nancy married Logan Sadler and Betty married Woodson Sadler.

HODGE SADLER was an old timer but no one interviewed seemed to know much about this family. Hodge was the father of Robert, L. B. (Candy) Sadler, and Pearl. Hodge was a brother of Aunt Mary Brown.

The McLENNAN family  were freed slaves of the family for which McLennan County is named and were highly respected. Aunt Cindy McLennan lived to be well over 100 years of age when she died here in Valley Mills. No one living seems to know her husband's first name. Her son JOHN HENRY McLENNAN was married to Matilda Sadler who was a sister of Alf and Alex Sadler. Their children were Lizzie, Thulia, Emma, E. R. (Tony), Jr, Johnnie (Shine) (who married Lucy Wortham and whose children are J. L. and Hershel).

Tony married Geneva Sadler, a daughter of Woodson Sadler and their children are Valera Bell, Maud, W. D., Van, E. R. Jr., Billy, Gladys, Raydell and Marva. Tony is now 85 and worked on the Santa Fe Railroad from 1908 until his retirement. A daughter of Aunt Cindy's and a sister of John Henry, Lizzie, married J. L. Downing.

BUD WORTHAM married Lizzie Allen and their children were Eula, Ida, Jerry, Lowry, Lucy, Arnie, John Louis and Manuel. They were an old family and once lived on the old Lowry H. Scrutchfield place later owned by S. L. Patterson. After Bud Wortham's death, Aunt Lizzie, as she was affectionately called, married GEORGE KENNEDY who was highly respected by everyone and they had no children. Aunt Lizzie died in 1967 at the age of 93.
[Source: "Valley Mills Tribune," September 5, 1975]