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Dr. Means
June 1, 2008

My dad looked really good today and was sitting in his chair ready to eat some breakfast that my sister Joan had prepared for him.  He remembered me and THAT is always important from wherever I stand. He remembered everyone today.  It was a good day for us all around....

In His Room

As I lay down on the bed that he has been sleeping on since he returned from the hospital almost 2 months ago... A return that was supposed to be the beginning of his end, I couldn't help but to also think about what happened to my friend Don Blackmon earlier this year.
Don was my friend from 1975 to the day he died.  I knew his mother and brothers from Florida, rented him places to live, sold him some of my personal cars as well as a few taxicabs and even had the displeasure of having to terminate his contract due to his behavior.  Still we remained good friends and enjoyed all the fun we had with life in Austin, Texas.  Don had a low blood count and they told him at Seton that there was nothing else they could do for him and they recommended Hospice.  He called me one day, his voice breaking and I could hear the lostness in his voice.  Imagine knowing that everyone who can help you to live says they offer you no hope except to die.  It was just like that.  And die he did.
My dad went home and not Hospiice and looks better than he looked before he got sick.  Maybe he is an anomoly but I think it's the difference between having people care about you that will not give up on you and who are fighting with you as well as for you.  Don didn't have the resources and health insurance that my dad has.
So that's why this election is so important.  It's not about crazy preachers or even the price of fuel as much as it should be about us looking after each other and our best interests, health being key to all the rest.

In departing I reminded my dad that even though I do not visit very often in another way I really do.  He said, "How's that son?"  I said, "Well Daddy, Jasmine (my daughter) comes everyday so you can see her as my representative."  Of course this elicited a response from my wife who wanted Jasmine to stand alone.  She is very independent but, in the sense of this story and why my dad is hanging on, none of us can allow the other to stand alone because of what we have learned about hanging on.  We have learned thru the trials and tribulations of those around us that people perish when left to fend for themselves.