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I am frequently amazed that during the Senate Hearings as well as the news and politician debates that no one... Not ONE single person has addressed the differences between Senator McCain's statement of being in Iraq the next 100 years like that role we play in Korea. 
So I guess it's up to ME to raise the issue...
WE are in Korea because the North Koreans and China wanted to overrun South Korea.  We were INVITED in to help stave off the surge. 
In Iraq we invited OURSELVES under a dubious guise to break Bin Laden's support groups.  There-in lies not only "the rub" but also the reason that it is inherently inappropriate to compare the two nations. 
Frankly I am surprised that no one spoke on the differences prior to me bringing it up here, although I am sure that before it's all over, Senator Clinton may claim that she raised the issue first...  LOL
Certainly there's nothing comical about the United States having troops getting blown to smithereens for NOTHING.  Truth be told, we ARE dying for a reason... Just not the reasons the government leaders are sharing publicly with the rest of us. 
I see this as an oil and regional military strategy to continue to dominate and protect our energy interests in the world in general.  The biggest problem I have with THIS fact is that the people making the policy and the profits are NOT risking their own lives.  They are profitting from the deaths and maiming of those of US who are... and the reward will be GREATER for them in the short and long term.  What is the reward again for losing a leg, an arm, an eye or a life and there is no monetary reward to the families for the lost loved ones while big companies like Halliburton prosper?
As Americans WE need to remember WHY we are fighting in the region in the first place.  WE have become distracted and have been focusing on the wrong targets. 
The fact that we invaded a country to depose a ruler that we believed was a threat to our national security is bad enough.  He's long gone and we placed a puppet government in his place, wasting billions of OUR tax dollars to support the replacement government is also water under the proverbial bridge. 
Still simply, the fact that the people we liberated want us to vehemently LEAVE and let them decide how to govern themselves, the fact that their decision will certainly run contrary to what WE want, that is LOST on us because it is not one of the correct answers on the test we authored. So instead of seeing the writing on the Iraqi wall WE ignore it and keep dying for other people's interests under the guise of National Security.  Too bad this is real otherwise it might make an excellent scenario for a graet movie...
Let me put this as plain and as simple as it is:  More than Two Thousand years ago some people were defeated and run off their land and made into slaves.  Other people took over their land and made it theirs.  About a Hundred years ago, being the great historians that WE fashion ourselves to be, WE took the land back after winning a great war and put the displaced  descendants of the people that were enslaved back on the land and thought that would be the end of it.  NOT.
The two groups, each having claim to the small piece of land are STILL fighting and killing each other over it and there is no end to it for either side...
And WE, the well-meaning interfering do-gooders that we are... WE are stuck in the middle with no way out as the meddling and vilified interlopers we truly are, albeit we THOUGHT we were doing a good deed.
When Senator John McCain says that we can be in Iraq for 100 years, just ask yourself this:  When will Israelis and Palestinians be friends and stop fighting and killing each other over that patch of land?  When will they accept each other's right to occupy that land and be true to their Gods?  Surely they have the right to believe in whichever they choose, even if it's THE SAME one going by different names, right?
Ask yourself THIS too: If the shoe were on the other foot, If Iraq had invaded America, how long would it take for US to accept the invader's authority over America?  100 years seems like a pipe dream considering slavery ended in 1865 and we are still plagued by racial ignorance and hatred.
Think about that and then tell me, WHO do you want making the decisions for OUR future, a Dove or a Hawk?  Which Dove can you believe, the one who keeps telling you what you want to hear or the one that keeps coming at you straight?
You already know the correct answer and I am supporting him.