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Let me preface this with the fact that I know all kinds of people.  And I mean ALL types...
"My point is not really about what's wrong with some of THEM but more about my perception of misunderstanding WHY some are not anything like ME as I am to them.  In other words, why aren't you considerate or reciprocal?"   
I got into it on Mother's Day with someone close to me but instead of specifically talking about them, I will talk about me and hopefully, by going about it in this round-about manner, they will GET IT. 
Everyone who knows me and even a few people that really don't are aware of my keen propensity toward generosity to others.  I am not generous because I want "credit" or favors back, I am generous because it makes me feel good to practice and live my faith.  Throughout this election year that is a phrase that has been bandied about: The faith thing.  I am trying to live it.  Thank God I am not running for any office, huh?  I might create one called the office of Ron Means... I should be able to win that everytime.
Although I am giving to many, still I expect for people to offer sometimes to return my largess even though it is highly unlikely that I will allow them to ever pull "even" with me.  That's just the way I am.  Ron Means.  I say that like William Shatner says Denny Crane.  Ron Means...
Let me give an example of what I mean.  Last year I made a deal which granted an opportunity for 2 PRIME season floor seats to all home games of the San Antonio Spurs to me.  I wanted to be close to the floor because of my failing eyesight and also wanted the wait service.  Thankfully the seats are so close to the floor you can feel the sweat of the players as they play.  They are great seats and I thank my good friends Rick Epstein and Russ Bookbinder for helping structure this opportunity for me and subsequently mine.  I thank you for them too even though most of them don't know HOW to say thank you to me. 
I attended a whopping 3 of 43.
I love the Spurs.  How can I say that if I only went to 3 games?  Easy... I love my friends and family more.
I passed out those tickets and parking passes to various people including close family and friends inside my network and a few people that will never be friends inside my "network" too simply because I could.  I like to share and I get satisfaction in it.
I am sure some will read what I do as braggartism but that would be a lie.  I do what I do too often and never stick around to gloat. I just want a thank you note so that's not bragging.  That's sharing.  My seats have a face value of over $200 each.  My largess is no cheap feat.
You need to understand that I never expect or accept payment for any gift that I give... EVER.  That would be classless to me and would also defeat the spirit of my giving... Plus I am Old School.
Do you recognize what Old School signifies?  You need to ask somebody if you don't already know. 
The truth is, I learned something about the clueless recipients due to their failure to at least show a modicum of thanks with a card or note expressing appreciation.  How hard is it to write an email?  A card?  Exactly. 
I call it a lack of consideration but it also might be due to poor home training. Yesterday was Mother's Day... Hmmmmmm.
Mother's Day
Why didn't their mothers teach them HOW to say "Thank You" when people are kind to them? How to be grateful and unselfish? 
It is true that I will modify my giving patterns and exclude those I deem as selfish because of their failure to at least say "Thank You" to me, you can bet on it. 
Chances are good that they also have a pattern of not doing for others unless they will get fame or paid, which says something about that home training too... doesn't it?
To quote Chris Tucker in a Rush Hour movie as he spoke to Jackie Chan, "Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"