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My friend Jaime Balagia, pictured above, joked recently while I was in his office, holding the papers inches from my face, "I knew you would put that one eye on the papers before you signed them, Ron."   It was funny to me too.
Prior to becoming a famous attorney Jaime used to be a cop for the city during the time I worked for the county.  We have grown more close since those times and are very good friends now. 
I advertise an anti-DWI campaign on our fleet of taxicabs as a non-revenue producing Public Service and we are working on providing a VIABLE safe ride home for underage drinkers.  THAT'S why SoberRide was initially formed but other interests spun it in a different direction ln my opinion and experience.


That photo above with Mike Napoli, Jamie and me really speaks volumes about POLITICS because all three of us come from different backgrounds and but for our love for Corvettes might have very little, if anything at all, in common.   Mike is a registered Republican, Jamie is a Democrat and I am a ... Just what the heck AM I???


I met Mike while selling a car on Ebay and we became friends.  I am not a staunch Republican but I feel the plight and angst that most of them claim.  Democratically I also feel the turmoil and unfettered weaknesses that the "Party" suppresses to look as unified as they certainly are not.  I suppose I am a tight roper, not to be confused with a goat roper in these parts please.  I vote for the best person regardless of party. 


I voted for President Bush for Governor and both times for President.  I am PROUD that I did.  Before the conservatives hold me up as their Black Poster Child and before the liberals hold me up as an idiot, let me explain that I believe in being LOYAL to my perceived friends... not whether someone is my friend, whether or not they are loyal to me but staying true to the promises I make.


Much like many of the majority want to forget the past, want to push aside the bitterness and grievances of minorities that were never addressed or apologized for because of not only slave servitude but all of the heinous acts and prejudices continued since then to now, I will ask you to overlook my loyalty to a friend for supporting him despite his many blunders and failures to supersede them.  Unlike the present majority though, I am a bigger man because I admit that in my quest of support, I should have done more to make him see the error of his ways and failed to.  My Bad.


I wonder, if the government and pundits like Bill O'Reilly and Greta Van Susteran can say "My Bad" for all the evil things done to Black people, for all the financial lack of equality of banks... I wonder if THEY just say it happened, we are SORRY and it won't happen again, will THAT make a difference?


Probably not right away but I guarantee that it will take us off this riot course we are heading toward with the rhetoric they make.  I see it like a storm looming off the coast begging to be averted before it's too late.


Three guys standing as friends talking about the affairs of the day... An Italian American, a Mexican American and a Black American.  The fact that we are all three Americans of course being the most important basic foundational bond.  It doesn't matter our politics or job titles of the past or future as much as WHO we are today and what we stand for... as well as what we won't (stand for). 


Think about them apples and afterward ask yourself if arguing about past inequalities so blindly without regard as to where the arguments will lead is worth the results if it tears down all the unity that we aspire. Is it worth it?